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Researcher of political economy and immigration. Using data/statistical analysis of labor economics and laws; MSc London School of Economics


  • Thaddeus Howze

    Thaddeus Howze

    Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | |

  • JC M

    JC M

  • Christopher Maffei

    Christopher Maffei

    Fighting To Improve The American System And End Systemic Injustice: /

  • Matej Brečić

    Matej Brečić

    Migration, enlargement policy & Brexit. Own views.

  • Bimer


    Open Source Research

  • Aija Lulle

    Aija Lulle

    Dr, PhD in Human geography

  • shixying


    android developer,ubuntu fans,teacher

  • Dino Subašić

    Dino Subašić

    Journalist (RTV Slovenija 2019-, European Commission 2020-), event host, traveler.

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